Dog Walking & Day Care


Happy Hounds are able to provide a variety of services to ensure your dogs needs are looked after whilst you are working, away for the day

or simply busy with other commitments.


As a general rule, dogs should not be left on their own for more than 4 hours at a time. Often, when left for long periods, problems can occur - destructive behaviour, chewing the furniture, barking and separation anxiety.


By taking dogs for a walk during the day, it provides the necessary stimulation and exercise required to fulfil a dog’s need for social interaction,

leading to a happier, more satisfied pet.


Gorgeous labs, Asha Oakley & Heidi



Our walks are perfect for breaking up your dog's day. We can provide fun, friendship and plenty of fresh air and exercise, come rain or shine. Your pet will return home feeling calm & contented and no doubt looking forward to a nice snooze before mum or dad come home.


Long walks are standard but we can offer shorter strolls for older dogs or puppies

We prefer to take your dog on a short journey in the car on new adventures, although walking directly from your home is an option (please ask at time of consultation)


Our walks usually involve a romp through a nearby forest, common or park with mud, water, friends and fun aplenty


With your permission and providing we are confident with your dog's recall, we much prefer to allow your dog off the lead to run and play - although lead walks are also available if required (please ask at time of consultation)


Large and / or strong dogs are acceptable (we have one of our own!) – however, all dogs are taken on at least one trial walk to ensure compatibility for all parties involved


We can also feed your dog, or give routine medication if necessary



Little and large, Dotty & Travis



As an alternative to walking your dog, our letting out service offers your dog a toilet opportunity, a chance to stretch his or her legs, lots of attention (including a cuddle!), a freshly filled water bowl and perhaps some lunch or a small treat!


This is ideal for elderly dogs, or for those pets that do not like to be left alone for any period of time. Or simply for those who have had their daily walks but still require a toilet break while you are away from home, or have a long day planned... or perhaps not planned?



Beautiful Springers, Molly Charlie & Daisy


Letting out visits / day care are not suitable if your pet is subsequently going to be left overnight. This is because dogs require more social interaction than other pets and will become distressed if left alone for long periods of time.



Unfortunately, due to having our own 3 dogs,

we do not provide day care in our home, or overnight care for dogs.