Cat Care

 Cats are independent souls but taking them away from their home environment, while you are away, can be very stressful and disorientating for them. 


We appreciate it can be difficult for owners who are frequently away to keep asking friends & neighbours to help, but the alternative spell in a cattery is upsetting & confusing for your moggy.


With Happy Hounds day care visits, there's no need to subject your beloved pets to the alien environment of a cattery. 

Teeny Pixie

Our cat care service is an economical alternative to a boarding establishment, enabling your cat to remain in their familiar surroundings. 

Our visits allow your cat to feel safe, secure, loved and comfortable, rather than being confined to a cage.


Although they will clearly miss you while you are away, in their own home they can roam around in familiar territory, sun themselves on a favourite windowsill and hopefully feel more contented and relaxed in your absence.



Handsome Hamish

We take the time to get to know your cat and give them the attention they so enjoy!

Everything is taken care of to ensure their wellbeing - a general health check, feeding as required, changing their water and cleaning their bowls, emptying litter trays and of course, plenty of cuddles and playtime for those that enjoy it!

Picking up the mail, putting out bins, watering house plants, opening and closing curtains and generally making your house look 'lived in' while you're not there is all part of the service. And if you want us to pick up some shopping basics for you return home, just let us know.


While you’re away, we’d be happy to send you photo messages of your cat so that you can see they’re happy & healthy and receiving the best care and attention available!

Please Note: Unlike other companies offering this cat care service, we do not have any sign writing on our vehicles - we believe this merely advertises to potential burglars that a house is empty.


Happy Hounds are also happy to tend to your rabbits, guineapigs, fish, hamsters, rats, birds, chickens and most other pets!





Key collection is included in our initial free consutation and will be left in a safe place of your choice on completion of our services. Alternatively, our key holding service is complimentary or key collection is £3.50 each time thereafter.