Puppy Visits


Here at Happy Hounds, we know exactly how much hard work a puppy can be. They require lots of tender loving care and attention …and a lot of cleaning up after!


In the early days, you may find you need a helping hand, particularly if you work or need to pop out for a few hours.


This is where one of our puppy visits fit perfectly!


Cute Jack Russel puppy

Our puppy visits are ideal for your new arrival and include giving plenty of cuddles, love and attention, some basic training if required, play time, meals as required, a toilet opportunity and a chance to stretch their little legs in your garden. And of course we clear up any little accidents around your home.


Once your puppy is able to face the big wide world, we can take them out for very short walks (young bones need very gentle exercise) to experience new sights, sounds and smells. During those first few weeks it's important to begin socialisation with other people and calm dogs.


After the first few individual short walks, we can bring our own kind natured dog as a nanny to your youngster. If we have other puppies to look after we can arrange play dates with them too!



Happy Hounds very own Dottie with her children!


If you have a mother and her litter of newborns, we offer visits to your home to care for your new arrivals – whether its while you are at work, while you pop to the shops or just for a much needed & well earned rest!



Having experienced this ourselves (with 9 gorgeous little bundles of joy) we know little tummies mean feeding small amounts frequently, with clearing up and bedding changes aplenty!


Therefore, this service also includes cleaning up any mess while we are there, changing bedding, laying newspaper and, if appropriate for their age, playtime and letting them out into your garden to experience the great outdoors!


With any luck, by the time you return, your little furbabies will be ready for their next nap!