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  • Cheryll (Tuesday, February 16 16 05:01 pm GMT)

    Juile is absolutely BRILLIANT. Khodaa loves his walks he always comes home very relaxed and is generally alot more calm now. So huge thanks from us all and of course big wet sloppy kisses from khodaa

  • Kevin Bane (Tuesday, June 03 14 05:05 pm BST)

    Julie and Katie Thanks for looking after Dylan and Rodney I am sure that they had good fun in the garden by looking at their toys scattered around. They were both relaxed when we got home.

  • Lee Macey (Friday, April 18 14 08:12 am BST)

    Julie is a life saver!! Every day our dog (chunk) gets back from his walk you can tell he's had the time of his life as he's shattered!! Following on with pictures of his walks proves this every
    time. My dog has a better life than me!

  • Mary Spencer (Sunday, April 06 14 08:37 pm BST)

    Love the pictures you post, they always look so happy!

  • Amy (Saturday, March 22 14 08:42 pm GMT)

    We feel so relaxed leaving the house for work knowing Julie will be seeing Luna in the day. She is so accommodating and was really patient when our dog was nervous about a new person coming into our
    home! We couldn't ask for more! Thank you so much Pets n ponies! From Amy, Pete and Luna!

  • Jo White (Sunday, February 23 14 09:44 am GMT)

    Julie is reliable, friendly & my dogs adore her. She gives them a proper walk, always longer than an hour. I feel reassured knowing they are having fun whilst I'm at work.

  • Lynda Hall (Monday, February 17 14 09:48 pm GMT)

    Merlin says thank you for the walk, he had great fun. Wasn't so keen on mum making him have a bath just now though!

  • Jill Bell (Sunday, February 09 14 09:54 am GMT)

    Give Pets 'n' Ponies a try, they are absolutely brilliant with animals!